What is Audentis Network?

Network collaboration for research and development of IT projects

Audentis Network, a new IT model

A new model of technology services for customers, ITC companies and technology experts...

Audentis is a net of small companies and experts from several sectors, mainly in the field of Information Technologies and Communication (ITC), which collaborate in the development of projects, with an open, professional, flexible and innovative methodology

Our main goal is to provide technology services in a different way than that fixed by the market for traditional ITC companies.


Modelo de trabajo en red

A different company, a networking company...

Audentis Network is a different company in the ITC sector, with a working model based on confidence, transparency, communication and efficiency in providing technological services to meet the goals and needs of each project, customer and expert.

Audentis Network combines networking, expertise and flexibility for companies and experts to make the best of themselves in each project.


Networking, collaboration, expertise and values...

Professional management of the most suitable experts for each project reduces risk for customers and provide the best value on the knowledge market of products and services for each technology expert. The networking enables sharing of values and way of being in addition to business and organizational skills.

Our target is to build a model which experts and customers take advantage professionally and honestly.


Services for customers, companies and technology experts...

Audentis Network organizes its services in three main areas:

  • Audentis Net: for connecting companies, experts and business opportunities
  • Audentis Booster: for the conceptualization and construction of technological projects as well as strategies for customers to modernize and innovate
  • Audentis Projects: for collaborative project management carried out by technology experts

Contact us...

Avenida de la Argentina 132
33213 Gijón (Asturias) Spain

T: +34 984 155 055
E: info(at)audentisnetwork.com
S: audentisnetwork
T: @audentisnetwork
L: www.linkedin.com/company/audentis-network